Sizzlers Restaurant

A La Carte



Chef’s Fresh Soups of the Day - £3.75

Served with a warm crusty roll (G - available)

Skinny Dips - £4.95 (v - no bacon)

Chunky potato wedges, fried & topped with melted cheese & crispy bacon, served on a bed of creamy mushroom sauce.

Mushroom Rosenberg - £4.75 (v)

Local mushrooms, tossed in breadcrumbs, served with a creamy garlic dip.

Crispy Chicken - £5.75

Thin strips of chicken, tossed in a spicy coating, deep fried & served on a bed of mixed lettuce leaves with a garlic mayo dip.

Caesar Salad - £5.95

(v - no bacon) (G - no croutons)
Crisp cos lettuce leaves tossed with crispy bacon, pan-fried croutons & sun-blushed tomatoes, combined with a traditional caesar dressing, finished with freshly grated parmesan cheese.

French Brie - £5.75 (v)

A wedge of french brie, bread-crumbed & oven baked, served on a bed of mixed lettuce leaves, sun-blushed tomatoes, balsamic dressing finished with a mango and coriander dip.

Sizzlers Combination Platter
2 sharing £11.95 • 3 sharing £14.95

A delicious mix of crispy chicken, breaded mushrooms, spicy potato wedges, chicken wings, french fried onions & garlic bread, accompanied with sweet chilli & garlic dip.

Garlic Bread - £3.95 (v)

With melted cheese £4.45
Topped with melted cheese & bacon £4.75


Buffalo Chicken Wings - £4.95 (G)

Marinated meaty chicken wings served with ranch sour cream and BBQ dip.

Chicken Tikka Tandoori - £5.95 (G)

Tender marinated chicken pieces, clay oven baked with onions, sliced green peppers and accompanied with a chilli coriander and mint yogurt dip.

Peking Crispy Duck Pancakes - £6.95 (G - with salad)

Tender duck pieces, finished with fine sliced spring onion, lettuce leaves, hoi sin plum sauce & steamed Chinese pancakes.

Main Courses

Chicken Dishes

Sizzling Chicken - £12.95 (G)

A supreme of chicken fillet oven baked & served on a hot platter, coated with a choice of white wine & mushroom sauce or pepper sauce, topped with a combination of stir-fried vegetables

Sizzling Chicken Tikka (Shashlik) £13.95

A supreme of chicken fillet marinated with tandoori spices, clay oven baked, topped with onions & peppers, served on a hot platter with curry sauce on side.

Chicken Ballentine - £11.95 (G)

Tender chicken fillet, char-grilled & served on a bed of delicious champ, topped with a creamy bacon & leek sauce.

Chicken Goujons - £9.95

Tender chicken strips bread-crumbed & oven baked, served with a ramekin of garlic, BBQ or thai sweet chilli dip, garnished with rough-cut coleslaw.

Chicken Chilli Willi - £11.95

(G - with pilau rice)

Spicy marinated strips of chicken fillet, oven baked & served on a bed of pan-fried noodles finished with a spicy chilli dressing & mayo drizzle.

Char-grilled Chicken - £11.95 (G)

Tender chicken fillet served on pan-fried savoury potatoes, finished with a choice of peppered sauce, bacon & leek sauce or white wine & mushroom sauce.

Cajun Chicken - £11.95

Tender strips of chicken fillet marinated in New Orleans cajun spices, oven baked served on a bed of tossed lettuce leaves with sun-dried tomatoes, drizzled with chilli and mayonnaise

Chicken Maryland - £11.95

Tender chicken fillet, bread-crumbed, oven baked & served with grilled bacon, banana & pineapple fritters & a mini corn on the cob.

Salt’n Chilli Chicken - £12.95 (G)

Tender chicken strips, tossed in salt and chilli spices, finished with peppers and onions

Chicken Schnitzel - £12.95

Tender chicken fillet, bread-crumbed & oven baked, topped with melted cheese and crispy bacon, garnished with rough cut coleslaw.

Chicken & Chorizo Carbonara - £12.95

Fresh pasta tubes tossed with tender chicken pieces, mushrooms &

chorizo, finished with white wine & cream sauce, accompanied with garlic bread.

Peppered Chicken - £12.95

Tender chicken fillet, chargrilled & served on a bed of delicious champ, topped with creamy pepper sauce & tobacco onions

Sizzlers Burger Collection

Belly-Buster Burger - £10.95

Two 100% ground beef burgers, grilled & flipped, packed high with lettuce, tomato, mushrooms, bacon & melted cheese, topped with tobacco onions.

Angus Gourmet Burger - £9.95

100% ground beef, topped with lettuce, tomato, and grilled bacon, finished with tobacco onions.

American Smoke-House BBQ
Angus Burger - £9.95

100% beef burger topped with smoked bacon, melted cheese,BBQ sauce & tobacco onions.

Chicken Burger - £9.95

A tender chicken fillet, topped with lettuce, tomato and finished with tobacco onions.

All burger meals are garnished with
rough cut coleslaw

Meat Dishes

Market Yard Slow Roast BBQ Beef - £11.95

(G - with sautéed onions)

12 hours slow roast beef brisket served on a bed of creamy champ, topped with peppered sauce & tobacco onions.

Peppery Pork-glenone - £12.95

Tender pork fillet tossed in a spicy peppered coating, served on burnt onion mash, accompanied with a creamy peppercorn sauce.

Honey Chilli Beef - £12.95

Lightly battered steak strips, tossed in a honey chilli sauce with onions and peppers.

Half Roast Duck - £13.95 (G)

Succulent boneless half roast duck, served on a bed of creamy champ, drizzled with a sweet chilli Cantonese style sauce.

Sizza Q Platter - £14.95

(G with sautéed onions)

12 hour slow roast BBQ beef brisket, buffalo chicken wings, mini corn on the cob, creamy champ, tobacco onions, homemade chips rough cut coleslaw, BBQ dip & peppered sauce.

Grilled Gammon Steak - £11.95 (G)

A tasty gammon steak, served on a bed of creamy champ, topped with caramelised pineapple & finished with sautéed mushrooms & a white wine and mushroom sauce

Lamb Steak - £14.95 (G)

Tender lamb steak, served with minted baby-boiled potatoes, braised cabbage & bacon, accompanied with a red wine jus

Fish Dishes

Traditional Fish & Chips - £12.95

Lightly battered cod fillet, served with home-made chips, mushy peas, home-made tartar sauce & a lemon wedge.

Honey & Chilli Baked Salmon - £12.95 (G)

Fresh Irish salmon marinated in honey and chilli, served with Cantonese style diced potatoes, with a soya and honey chilli dip and a fresh lemon wedge.

Fresh Fillet of Plaice - £11.95

Fresh plaice, bread-crumbed & oven baked, served with a creamy home-made tartar sauce & lemon wedge.

Fresh Fillet of Sea-bass - £14.95

Sea-bass, served on a smoked bacon mash, finished with a chorizo and red pepper cream

Steak Dishes

Prime Sirloin Steak - £18.95 (G)

A tender 10oz sirloin steak cooked to your choice, garnished with sautéed onions, mushrooms & finished with a creamy peppered sauce.

Tender Fillet Steak - £20.95 (G)

A tender 9oz fillet steak cooked to your choice, garnished with sautéed onions, mushrooms & finished with a creamy peppered sauce.

All above Steak dishes can be served sizzling - £1.50 extra

Vegetarian Dishes

Authentic Vegetarian Curry - £11.95 (v (G)

Served with pilau rice.

Vegetarian Penne Pasta - £11.95 (v) (G)

Fresh pasta tubes, tossed with a selection of vegetables finished with a white wine and cream sauce, accompanied with garlic bread.

Vegetarian Stir Fried Vegetables - £11.95

(V) (G)

A delicious selection of vegetables, tossed in salt and honey chilli, served with pilau rice.

Side Orders

Garlic Potatoes
Salt and Chilli Chips
Boiled Potatoes
Baked Potatoes
Vegetables of the day
Tossed Salad
Sauté Mushrooms
Sauté Potatoes
Lyonnaise Potatoes
Pilau Rice
Chilli & Sour Cream Diced Potatoes

(All above side orders gluten free) (G)

Side Salad
Garlic Bread
Onion Rings
Chilli Wedges
Tobacco Onions
Sweet Potato Fries

Extra Side Orders - £2.95


Sauces £1.95

Pepper Sauce
Mushroom Sauce
Bacon & Leek Sauce
Diane Sauce
Bushmills Sauce

(All above sauces gluten free)




Jam & Coconut Sponge with Custard
Hot Chocolate Fudge Cake
Homemade Apple Pie
Fresh Fruit Pavlova
Hot Chocolate Brownie
Profiteroles & Chocolate Sauce
Tonight’s Cheesecake

Tonight’s Special
Please ask server for details)


Chocolate Nut
Fudge Nut
Strawberry Nut
Cookies & Cream


(Gluten Free:
Pavlova, Ice cream - Brownie on request)


Coffee @ Sizzlers

Espresso £1.90
Macchiato £2.00
Americano £2.40
Latte £2.60
Cappuccino £2.60
Flat White £2.40
Hot Chocolate £2.10
Caramel Crunch £2.70

Suki Tea's @ Sizzlers

Belfast Brew £1.90
Apple Loves Mint £2.30
Whole Peppermint £2.30
Chamomile £2.30
Earl Grey Blue Flower £2.30
Green Tea with Ginseng £2.30

Speciality Coffees

Irish Coffee £4.75
Baileys Coffee £4.75
Coffee Royale £4.75
Calypso £4.75

Torres Brandy (10 year old) £3.95

Skinnylicious Menu

Skinnylicious Menu (lean, mean & healthy)


Lean Chargrilled Chicken - £11.95 (G)

Served with baked potato, roasted vegetables and finished with tossed salad leaves.

Cajun Spiced Salmon - £12.95

Fresh Irish salmon, coated in cajun seasoning, served on crushed baby boiled potatoes and roast vegetables, finished with a soya sauce dip & a lemon wedge.

Stir-fried Chicken & Vegetables - £12.95 (G)

Tossed with salt and chilli spices, with a light honey chilli sauce accompanied with pilau rice.

Authentic Curry Dishes

Chicken Curry (Tandoori) - £11.95 (G)

Served with pilau rice

Chicken Masala (Tandoori) - £11.95 (G)

Served with pilau rice

Sweet - Mild